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TOP 10 Support Questions and Answers

Question: Hello...I am an Associate and attempted to send an assessment to a client this evening. I initially sent the assessment at 5:00pm EST, and re-sent the assessment at 9:25pm EST. The client claims he has not received either email. Would you please check to see if there is a technical issue or what the problem may be?

Answer: Sometimes the invites that are sent out through the system get blocked by people Spam filters. I'd first suggest having this person shut off any spam filters they have, or allow any emails that come from the website. If this doesn’t work you can send them their personal link through the View Distributed Assessments page. There is a link at the top that mentions your users not receiving their emails. You can copy and paste this person’s personal link into an email directly from you, hopefully bypassing their spam filters.

Question: How do I retrieve/review an archived an online assessment?

Answer: Click the View Graphs/Reports link on the left hand side of your homepage. Then from the dropdown select the Archive group. This will display anyone who has been archived for you.

: I have forgotten my username and password. How can I retrieve this information?

Answer: On the login page there is a link you can use if you have forgotten your username and password. Click on that link and you will be prompted to put in your email address. Once you do this you will receive your information in an email.

Question: I have just purchased the Personality Report. When I'm in the Home Page, I click on "Your Self Report". I then get a new page that reads: "Loading your report, please wait....” I have waited for the page to load, about ten - fifteen minutes, but it fails to load at all. I did check my settings to be certain that they are correct and everything is properly fine tuned for the page to load. One additional item worth mentioning is: the red banner while the page is trying to load does show movement, however, my report does not load at all. What is the normal wait time for the 41 page report to load? I appreciate your timely response.

Answer: It should only take a few seconds to load this report. If you are having problems viewing through that area, try generating the PDF file and viewing that. It is the same thing just in a formatted PDF file rather than a web display. Another option would be to close your browsers and start over again. Log back into the site and try to download the report. If you are still experiencing a problem send an email to our support team and we will quickly send you back your report.

: Hello, There has been interest that some of the observers want to take their own assessment. It there a special link that they can follow and are there costs involved.

Answer: Observers can take the assessment at anytime. We have found many observers enjoy taking their own assessments. Just refer the observer to the website you are using. From the home page of the site there is a link to take the assessment.

: I sent out 12 invitations originally and before I could get the individuals all called to tell them to expect the email; some of them deleted it without opening the e-mail. All employees are encouraged to delete anything they don't recognize. I tried to resend it by entering their names again but it won't let me. How do I get them a new invitation?

Answer: You can resend all the people an invitation by clicking on the "Monitor Observer/Rater Activity" link on the left side menu. This is a list of all people you have invited. You can click on "send" to send the invitation individually, or you can click on the link to send reminders to multiple users. The only difference between the original invitation and the reminder is the subject will have the word "Reminder" in it.

The same type of process will work in the account admin screens. Click on "View distributed assessments". Then click to send multiple reminders.

: I just took the assessment. I thought it would show me the results when I was done, but it didn't. How long does it take to get the email with the results?

Answer: Your results are in your Self Report and your eGraph on the website. That information is not emailed to you; you will have to view it from the member’s area. You will need to use your username and password you created when you took the assessment. You will login to your member home page to view all your assessment data. If you have forgotten your username and password you can click on the “Forgot username and password” link on the login page.

: I want to invite more than 5 people to provide assessment input (like 7 or 8 total); how can I do this? (I have already sent the first five the e-mail.)

Answer: You can reuse the invite observers page to invite as many Observers as you would like. Once you invite a set of 5 just go back to the Invite page and invite as many more as you would like. There is no limit to how many people you invite to access you.

: Please give me feedback on the proper citation of the Assessment. How can I cite this work?

Answer: At the bottom of the site there is a link to a Privacy Policy. This page has the information you will need.

: How do I print my report? I can view the report online but I would like to print the information. How do I do this?

Answer: When you load your PDF report there is a print option on the Acrobat screen. You can click on the Print icon or do a FILE-PRINT. You will then choose your printer and click OK. You can also print any page on the web by doing a CTRL-P or a FILE-PRINT from your browser.

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