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Summary - Here’s how it works:

  • The Associate pre-purchases the assessments at a substantial discount. 

  • The Associate sends emails to people (members) to take the Assessment. 

  • When a member receives the email authorization from the Associate, the member clicks on a link that takes him/her to your Associate Assessment Page where they fill in a registration form and then take the DISCstyles Online Assessment 

  • Once a member has taken the Assessment, they automatically get a custom Home Page.  This allows them to view their report and eGraphs (when access is allowed).  It also allows them to invite observers to complete an Observer Assessment.  Once an observer has completed an Observer Assessment, the member has access to view the Observer eGraphs.  

  • For any person outside your Associate Member Group who pays to take the DISCstyles Online Assessment (an invited observer for example), the Associate will earn a commission.  Your observer sales are tracked directly to your account.

Online Assessments
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