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Below is an overview of the DISCstyles Online Assessment System.


1. Administrator
An Administrator is a person who distributes the Assessments through Assessment Invitations. This could be either a trainer who uses the Assessments in seminars or a consultant, coach or manager who might use the Assessments on an assignment with a team, a family unit, a Board of Directors, etc.

2. Member
This is an individual whom the Administrator has authorized to take an Assessment through their Assessment invitation.

3. Observer
An observer is someone who the member invites to complete an online observer Assessment on the member.

This is a key feature that enables members to acquire a unique 360-degree view of themselves by inviting an unlimited number of observers, within a 30-day period, to complete an Assessment on them. Members simply type in the observer’s name and email address and that’s it. The rest is totally automated. The observers are sent an email from the member inviting them to complete the assessment on the member’s behalf. The member may personalize modify the invitation to fit their needs.


1. The DISCstyles Online Assessment
The DISCstyles Online Assessment is a 24-question assessment that only takes 7-10 minutes to complete. When responding to the DISCstyles Online Assessment, the member is asked to choose a focus (work, social or family). For each of the 24 questions, there are four words. Members are asked to choose one word that describes them most at their selected FOCUS. They then click on the circle in the MOST column for that word. Then they select one word that least describes them at their selected FOCUS. They then click on the circle in the LEAST column for that word. They will have one MOST selection and one LEAST selection for each box. Once completed, it will be determined which DISC style the member is and it will generate a personalized DISCstyles Online Assessment Report for that member.

There are four primary DISC styles. Each one of these four styles has very distinct and predictable patterns of observable behavior. Once members understand these patterns, and know how to quickly and accurately identify one style from another, they have the keys to unlock their ability to get along with nearly anyone and adapt their behaviors to others with different DISC styles.

2. The DISCstyles Online Report - Self Assessment
Each member receives a comprehensive personalized DISCstyles Online Report once the online assessment is completed. It is a vital tool for improving all their personal, work, and family relationships. There is a complete section on application of DISCstyles knowledge including identifying another person's style, behavioral adaptability, handling tension among the styles and even action plans for each of the four primary styles.

3. Member and Observer eGraphs
In addition to the DISCstyles Online Report, each member can also view his or her eGraph results. There are three personalized eGraphs for each member. Graph I displays the Adapting Style. Graph II displays the Natural Style. Graph III displays the Self-Perception Style.

Observers may be invited to respond to an assessment for a member to provide a complete 360-degree view of one’s DISC style. Observers may be people from work and social relationships as well as family members. The confidentiality of observers is preserved if they choose.

As soon as an observer completes the assessment on the member, the result is plotted in the member’s observers’ eGraph section. This displays the member’s Adapting Style (Graph I) with a solid red line and shows the observers’ results with a dashed blue line. This provides valuable information on how others see the member. Observers may be sorted to view all, work only, social only or family only.

4. Using DISCstyles with Others Section
At the core of the DISCstyles Online Assessment System is Adaptability-- How to treat others the way they want to be treated.

Now that you are more familiar with your own DISC style and are aware that there are three other primary DISC styles, you can understand why you connect better with some people and not with others. You may begin to understand how tension builds in a relationship just from a pace or priority difference.

The Using DISCstyles with Others section will be your guide to learning to treat people differently… according to their needs, not your needs.

This section guides you through identifying another person’s DISC style and provides valuable information to their mode of operation in different environments… at work, at home, in social settings, etc.

This section is an awareness tool to help you understand how you are similar and how you are different from the other DISC styles. Through simple modifications in behavior - called Adaptability - you will see your relationships improve for the better!


1. Administrator Home Page
This Home Page is a key tool providing flexibility for training options and important data to track member progress. It is a personalized, private Home Page. It allows the Administrator to:

  •  Pre-purchase assessments at a discount:
    One assessment credit includes the DISCstyles Online Assessment; the DISCstyles Report, eGraphs, and an unlimited number of observer assessments for a 30-day period, all on a personalized Home Page for each member.
  •  Distribute assessments to members by simply entering each individual’s first name, last name, and email address. Click Send, and an automatic email goes out. This is how a member becomes authorized to take the DISCstyles Assessment.
  •  Track the account status to see how many DISCstyles Online Assessments have been used, how many are left, and order more as needed.
  •  View the eGraphs and reports of your members who are authorized to take the DISCstyles Online Assessment. This feature also allows you to see which members have completed the assessment and send automated reminders to those who have not.
  •  Permit or block members from seeing their personalized DISCstyles Online Report and eGraphs. Why block it? If you want to present the members with their reports and eGraphs at the time of the training session, meeting, etc. (so the members do not get ahead of themselves), you have the ability to do so.
  •  Print the collective results of members on eGraphs with individualized mini-eGraphs. This is great when you are working with a group and want to see at a glance the different DISCstyles that make up your group.
2. Administrator Assessment Page
Once the Administrator distributes assessments to members authorizing them to take the DISCstyles Online Assessment, an email is sent to the members with a link to the Administrator’s Assessment Page. This allows the member to register and take the 24-question DISCstyles Online Assessment. Once an authorized member takes and submits his or her assessment, one credit is deducted from the Administrator’s account.

3. Member Home Page
This is a personalized, private Home Page for each member.

It allows the Member to:

  •  View and print their comprehensive, personalized DISCstyles Online Report (if the Administrator has permitted access).
  •  View and print their personalized eGraphs (if access is permitted).
  •  Invite observers to complete the DISCstyles Online Observer Assessment on the member
  •  View observers invited - This is where the member can view, at a glance, all the observers he/she invited and can see who has completed the observer assessment and who has not. For those observers who have not yet completed the DISCstyles Online Observer Assessment for the member, the member only needs to click on a “send” button, and reminders are automatically sent to observers.
  •  View and print their Observer eGraphs
  •  Access the Using DISCstyles with Others Section

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